"As a wedding stylist, my goal is to help you–the bride & groom–make your dream wedding a reality. I want to begin by meeting with you, so I can learn about your personal styles and unravel the vision you have for your big day. Then, blending together your ideas, I develop an exclusive blueprint for your event. I will show you how you can tie in various elements–such as lighting, music, and color–to create a cohesive aesthetic that fits your shared story. My mission is to create alluring, bold, and attractive wedding designs that reflect the unique love that is being celebrated by each couple."

Book a free introductory call to learn about our styling services and gain insights from a design expert. When you feel ready to move forward, we will schedule an in depth consultation and begin strategizing your wedding vision.
Design Proposal
Receive a curated blueprint & video outlining how to style your event, from color palettes to table decor. Share these with your wedding coordinator and vendors, so they can execute your design.
For an additional fee, we can partner with your wedding coordinator to ensure that your wedding blueprint is executed precisely to your specifications.
60 Minutes - $350

Tania is a Wedding Stylist with a specialization in South Asian weddings. In addition to personal styling for the couple and their wedding party, she works closely with the couple to develop a cohesive look and feel for their wedding.

Design details may seem unimportant when planning your wedding and are the easiest things to let go of when the process becomes overwhelming.

Our styling services free you from worrying about every element while ensuring that the design, from the venue to the wedding outfits, is coordinated. We want to understand your personalities and your dreams for your big day. It's not about choosing flower arrangements and invitations, it's about making your wedding aesthetic true to who you are.

We help navigate strategy, direction, design, and production for the couples. The branded content ranges from websites, campaign films, and product design. We believe in offering personalization and love visual storytelling.